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A couple of months ago, your dentist in Westlake talked about foods that are bad for your teeth, but do not fear as there are some things you can consume that are actually good for your teeth and gums.

Skip the soda, energy and sports drinks and opt for milk, water, or unsweetened tea. Not only will you be helping your body, but also you will actually be fortifying your teeth and gums. If you cannot go without the fizz, drink carbonated water or diet drinks as neither of these will destroy the enamel on your teeth. According to Web MD, it is imperative that you never sip soda with a straw as it is like giving your teeth an acid bath.

Your dentist will tell you that fruits and veggies that contain water help to dilute the sugars and wash away food particles. Carrots, apples, and pears are good choices as is celery, which is nature’s natural dental floss. Eat tomatoes, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and limes as part of a meal in order to minimize the acids.

Almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachio nuts and other crunchy goodies contain phosphorous helping keep plaque and bacteria away from your pearly whites. Phosphorous helps to remineralize your teeth removing the dangerous acids that can harm the enamel on your teeth. Nuts are also packed with vitamins and minerals that can keep your heart healthy.

According to your dentist, dairy products add calcium, which is important for strong bones and healthy teeth. A recent study from General Dentistry examined the pH levels before and after the test subjects consumed milk, cheese, and sugar-free yogurt. Dairy products improve the pH levels protecting the enamel on your teeth. People who have levels that are less than 5.5 have a greater chance of developing tooth decay. According to the study, people who consumed more dairy products improved their pH levels. The lactic acid in dairy products also helps to kill bacteria, which can cause dental caries.

If you would like more information regarding healthy foods and beverages for teeth and gums, schedule an appointment with your dentist who can help.

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