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If you have been having problems with teeth grinding and have been unable to get to the root of the cause, you haven’t been speaking to the right Westlake Dentist. Our Westlake Village Office from Westlake Smile Design have been providing people all over Westlake with the best care and know exactly what to do if you have been experiencing headaches, neck aches, and tooth sensitivity. Schedule a consultation with Westlake Smile Design who will be able to determine if those constant migraines are being caused by a cavity or something else entirely.

According to Web MDand the professional team from you favorite Westlake Dentist, TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder could be the source of your inability to sleep at night. Your TMJ joint allows you to chew, yawn, and talk. Experts are unclear about what actually causes TMD, but your Westlake Dentist in Southern California will tell you that most symptoms stem from parts of the joint or from the muscles in the jaw. TMD can happen if you have recently suffered from whiplash in a car or other accident or have had a blow to the head.

Your Westlake Dentist will ask you if you clench or grind your teeth. If you do, it could be the reason that you hear a popping or clicking sound every time you utter a word or try to enjoy a meal. Stress is a major cause of TMD as well. Folks who are worried tend to clinch their teeth. Teeth grinding can eventually cause serious problems if left untreated as it can affect the bone structure of your mouth, your teeth, and your gums.

TMD Symptoms to look for include:

If you believe that you may be suffering from TMJ, it is time to schedule an appointment with Westlake Smile Design. Dr. Hakimi or Dr.Armon will be able to determine if the cause of your pain is due to a tooth or gum issue, or a problem with your TMJ.

Because there are many conditions that are similar to TMD, your Westlake Dentist will conduct a thorough examination and go through your history to determine if indeed you are suffering from TMD. If you have been given a clean bill of health as fair as your mouth is concerned, you could be suffering from TMD.

Call the best Westlake Dentist in Southern California and get to the root of your problems once and for all. 

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