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Westlake Village Dentist Shows Why Soda Is Harmful For Your Teeth

Like many people, you may be a soda drinker on a regualr basis? If this is the case, continue reading along! It's called "pop" in the Midwest and most of Canada. It's "soda" in the Northeast. And it goes by a well-known brand name in much of the South. Take a guess what it is? People across North America use different words to identify a sugary, carbonated soft drink. But however they say it, they're talking about something that can cause serious oral health problems for people of any age. Our Westlake Dental Office is here to educate you further if needed. Contact Us

Soft drinks have emerged as one of the most significant dietary sources of tooth decay, affecting people of all ages. Acids and acidic sugar byproducts in soft drinks soften tooth enamel, contributing to the formation of Cavities and Tooth Decay. In extreme cases, softer enamel combined with improper brushing, grinding of the teeth or other conditions can lead to tooth loss.

We're Drinking More Soda and It's Not Good

Soft drink consumption in the United States has increased dramatically across all demographic groups, especially among children and teenagers. The problem is so severe that health authorities such as the American Academy of Pediatrics have begun sounding the alarm about the dangers.

How many school age children drink soft drinks? Estimates range from one in two to more than four in five consuming at least one soft drink a day. At least one in five kids consumes a minimum of four servings a day.

Some teenagers drink as many as 12 soft drinks a day3. That is really scary and should be curbed. What is Tooth Decay?

Larger serving sizes make the problem worse. From 6.5 ounces in the 1950s, the typical soft drink had grown to up to 20 ounces by the 1990s. Are you familiar with what Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, has recently done to rectify the situation? Search for this and you'll be amazing (and impressed by his initiatives). This is crazy and the public needs to be educated on the oral health implications. Children and adolescents aren't the only people at risk. Long-term consumption of soft drinks has a cumulative effect on tooth enamel. As people live longer, more will be likely to experience problems. Patient Education

What to Do About the Soda Problem

Children, adolescents and adults can all benefit from reducing the number of soft drinks they consume, as well as from available oral care therapies. Here are some steps you can take. If you have more suggestions, please email them to our Dental Team at anytime! :)

Westlake Village Dentist

Soft drinks are hard on your teeth. By reducing the amount you drink, practicing good oral hygiene, and seeking help from your dentist and hygienist, you can counteract their effect and enjoy better oral health. Please conact our Westlake Village Dental Office anytime with questions. What steps are you taking to creating healthy teeth and a more beautiful smile? Please share with us on Social Media as well:


Article Source: Colgate

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