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Your diet is just as important for your body and mind as it is for your teeth and gums. Eating the wrong foods can cause all sorts of problems including gum disease and tooth decay. The next time you open that soda take a minute to think about what it can do to your teeth.

Your Westlake Dentist will tell you that sugary soda’s are twice as bad for your teeth as they are loaded with sugar, and because of the carbonation are quite acidic, not to mention the chemicals that they contain. Instead of that can of coke, try drinking water or iced tea. If you must have bubbles go for a glass of sparkling water.

Sports and energy drinks may give you the boost you need after a workout, but reach for the water instead. These types of drinks are incredibly syrupy and can stay on your teeth longer. They may not have the sugar content that soda does, but they are just as bad for your teeth.

Sucking on a hard peppermint candy after a meal may make your breath smell better, but hard candy is tough on your teeth. Loaded with sugar, peppermints, butterscotch, or any other hard candy converts to bacteria more quickly because these types of candies take longer to dissolve.

French fries, potato chips and your favorite cheesy crackers may taste good, but starchy foods can get stuck in-between your teeth. Once that happens, those starches will quickly convert to sugar attacking the enamel on your teeth. It is okay to indulge occasionally, but rinse or brush after eating doughy white bread, pretzels, or other starchy snacks, otherwise you will be spending twice as much time with your Dentist in Westlake.

According to Readers Digest, Gummy bears, caramels and even dried fruit are extremely bad for your teeth as bits of candy can get stuck in-between your teeth and tend to stay on your back molars for longer periods.

Those lemons that you like to suck on will eat away the enamel on your teeth. In fact, pickles, grapefruit, tomatoes, oranges, and limes are highly acidic and if enjoyed too often can cause tooth decay. Even foods that you would not expect such as some types of fish and breakfast cereals contain acid. When in doubt, rinse and brush your teeth after eating.

Your diet is just as important as brushing, flossing, and seeing your Dentist in Westlake a couple of times a year. Schedule a check up with Westlake Smile Design today, especially if you have been enjoying too much of a good thing.

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