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After the holidays, most folks find themselves carrying around a bit more weight than they would like, but that overindulgence did more than affect their waistlines. All of those cakes, candies, cookies, and pies are laden with sugar, which quickly converts to bacteria. If you didn’t rinse after every nibble of peanut brittle or run to the bathroom to brush your teeth after enjoying a chocolate torte, it could be time for a trip to your Dentist in Westlake Village.

Even if you did your best to steer clear of the sweets, the extra starches that you loved so much probably got caught in-between your teeth. Starches quickly convert to sugar working their way through the enamel on your teeth. Prevention is the only way to take care of your teeth and gums and that starts with regular checkups with your Westlake Dentist.

January is the beginning of a New Year and a new you, and if you have promised to live a healthier lifestyle by eating clean and listening to your doctor, you should also schedule regular checkups with your Dentist in Westlake making them a permanent fixture on your yearly calendar.  

You may pay close attention to your oral hygiene and brush twice and floss once a day, but you still need to visit your Westlake Dentist at least twice a year, even more so should have a dental emergency. You could have the healthiest mouth on the planet, but if you break a tooth or lose a crown, it is imperative that you head to your Dentist in Westlake immediately.

If you have been toying with the idea of Cosmetic Dentistry in Westlake Village, why not have a chat with Dr. David Hakimi or Dr. Armon Eben about improving your smile. Having the toothy grin that you have always dreamed about is just a consultation away with your Westlake Cosmetic Dentist.

Let Westlake Smile Design give your smile a makeover in 2014 and schedule a no obligation consultation with a Westlake Cosmetic Dentist or get your teeth and gums healthy again by making an appointment with the Best Dental practice in Westlake Village, Westlake Smile Design. 

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