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When it comes to Preventive Dentistry, some people forget to include bi-annual checkups with the dentist. Even if you brush, floss, and avoid unhealthy starchy and sticky foods, you will not stand a chance against gum disease and tooth decay unless you see your dentist twice a year.

Preventive Dentistry isn’t just good for your mouth. According to Web MD, recent studies have indicated that poor oral health could be partially to blame for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Some experts even believe that Alzheimer’s disease could be linked to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

When it comes to Preventive Dentistry, the American Dental Association recommends that you schedule twice-yearly appointments with your dentist. During your checkup, your dentist will provide you with an oral cancer screening and thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, and gums. If a problem is detected, your dentist may be able to care of it during your checkup depending on the particular dental issue. If a root canal or extraction is indicated, your dentist will schedule a second appointment. Your dentist may also take x-rays during your checkup to make sure that your tooth colored and silver amalgam fillings are still in place. Most people have no idea that dental caries can occur under existing dental restorations.

If you are unsure about Preventive Dentistry, ask your dentist. Your health care dental provider can give you the best advice when it comes to brushing, flossing, and general oral health care.

Speaking of brushing your dentist recommends that you brush twice and floss once a day. Use a fluoride toothpaste and don’t forget to rinse with an ADA recommended mouthwash. For a complete list of American Dental Association, approved dental products check out the website.

For more information regarding Preventive Dentistry, schedule an appointment with your dentist today. Even if you haven’t been to a dentist lately, you still improve your grade when it comes to your teeth and gums.

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