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Now that school is in session, your kids may be nagging you non-stop about having their tongue, lip, cheek or uvula, yes that little piece of skin at the back of the throat, pierced. However, according to your dentist, your teens should know some things before you give your permission.

Oral piercing is on the top of every teenager’s wish list, but according to the American Dental Association, it can pose serious health risks.

Cheek, lip, tongue, uvula, and lip piercing can cause infections, serious blood loss, permanent nerve damage, and blood borne disease. Oral piercings can also be responsible for jewelry aspiration, metal allergies, tooth damage, gum disease, and a rather serious condition known as endocarditis.

Once the lip, tongue, cheek, or uvula has been pierced, infections can occur from the site of the piercing and the jewelry that is placed in the hole itself. If the jewelry has not been properly sanitized, it could cause additional bacteria adding to the millions that are already calling your mouth home.

If the person who pierces your uvula, cheek, tongue or lip should hit a nerve that numbness that you feel right after the procedure could be permanent. Unfortunately, even the most skilled piercers can accidentally hit a nerve. Permanent damage from oral piercing could affect the way you talk, swallow, and eat.

Recent research has indicated that the herpes simplex virus and hepatitis A, B, C, D, and G could be a direct result of oral piercings.

Bleeding is normal after any oral piercing procedure, but once again, if the piercer accidentally hits a blood vessel it could lead to excessive bleeding and serious blood loss.

Playing with the jewelry in your mouth can cause serious damage to your dental restorations, and if you should hit a crown, cap, or filling, you could be scheduling an appointment with your dentist for repairs. Mouth jewelry can also cause problems for healthy teeth.

Speaking of mouth jewelry too much contact with the soft gum tissue in your mouth could result in gum recession. Once this occurs, it could lead to more serious issues including periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss.

Jewelry aspiration is extremely serious, and if you should lose the back or front of a stud, ring or barbell you make accidentally breathe it in. If this happens, you are risking lung and digestive track damage.

One of the most serious complications from oral piercing occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream. If that bacterium reaches your heart and you have undetected heart issues you could be at risk. Endocarditis is an inflammation of the valves of the heart and the heart itself and usually occurs in people who have undetected heart problems.

If you would like more information regarding the dangers of oral piercing, schedule an appointment with your dentist who may be able to convince your teen that it may not be the smartest thing to do.

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